bye bye Pippin

You may have noticed there’s been a blog name change.

It’s a decision that’s been months in the making. I always thought I would want to write under the name Pippin, always thought it helped me to shake off my every day world and focus, always liked how it connected me to a time before I felt self-conscious and anxious about every little thing, a time when getting things Goldilocks-perfect didn’t matter, when I could just try and experiment and see where things led without having an existential crisis.

Now, I don’t think I want to shake off my every day world. I want my every day world and my writing world to be the same. I want them to complement each other and grow together.

So I’m shaking off my childhood nickname and stepping into my real life name shoes – Joanna or, most commonly, Jo.

It feels a little bit weird, but it’s a good weird.

So it’s bye bye to Pippin.

Although Pippin is still most definitely my spirit hobbit…

6 thoughts on “bye bye Pippin”

    1. Hehe thank you! And that’s amazing, that’s made my day! 🤩 It was a tough decision. I’m really fond of my nickname – but the more writing courses I’ve done, the more confusing it’s been as I always sign up to them with Joanna or Jo. Hopefully the blog name change will simplify things a little bit!


    1. Thank you, me too. I’m feeling brave enough to write under my everyday name now, which feels like a positive! My mum nicknamed me Pippin because she used to leave me to play under the shade of the Cox’s Pippin apple tree at the bottom of our garden. My skin was very pale and burnt easily!

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